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Players in the US and around the world have been searching for an online bitcoin casino that will accept them and gives them that option. Recently launched in 2017, this casino offers provably fair games and is fully committed to protecting player information. Players also want to know if it is worth wagering bitcoins on this site. This review will provide more detail of what has to offer. AWARD WINNING BITCOIN CASINO ( Over 10+ Awards for 2017 ) Outstanding Welcome Bonus knows exactly how to get more players to come to their website and it is through their welcome bonus. Their 5BTC welcome pack is what really sets him apart from any other bitcoin casino online because it is one of the best bonuses for new players you can find on the Internet. On your first deposit, you will receive a 150% match bonus up to 1BTC. Consecutive bonuses offer 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% matching bonuses up to 1BTC. Players who really want to take advantage of the deposit bonus should max out the bonus each time. Over 350+ Provably Fair Games This casino offers some of the newest and most popular games to include high roller and progressive jackpot games. Since all of their games are provably fair, your game results are always out and open since uses state-of-the-art technology using a random number generator that is certified by an independent organization. This random number is then hashed with a secret number created by an encrypted algorithm that is then used to create a fingerprint. This fingerprint can be validated so that... read more

Bet365 Casino Review

One of the top sites that will catch your attention is Bet365. As an online casino, services 20 countries. Operating out of the UK, it manages to corner a large part of the online gaming community’s attention, but does that mean that it is the right online betting and gaming venue for you? This review is going to tell you everything that you need to know about Bet365 and whether it is the place for you to pass some time. Visuals One of the biggest advantages of Bet365’s system is that they use flash. Unlike other sites that are hard-coded and thus fairly restrictive in terms of what they can offer and the kind of interface they can take advantage of, Bet365 has a very versatile site that moves forward with the times. While one suspects that this system was intended for the use of sports players, it has proved amazingly beneficial for the people who are invested in the online gaming casino portion of the site as well. When you enter Bet365, you will generally find that that the interface is a little busy, but not cluttered at all. This means that it is quite simple for you to find the games that you are looking for, and that you can navigate to the section that you are looking for with ease. For most people, Bet365 is a very attractive site that allows you to enjoy some straightforward gaming without any worries or concerns. The sign-up process is going to be very straightforward and extremely visually simple. For people who have vision issues, however, the contrast is... read more

10Bet Casino Review

The most popular online casino in the world is definitively 10Bet. With simple wagers, affable stakes and endless games, there is no doubt as to why their community has amassed the most critical acclaim among virtual gamblers. Quick Registration One of the most impressive aspects of the digital casino’s design is the streamlined registration process. The information required of new users is pretty standard, but all of the input is neatly compiled into a single pop-up page. Personal details include the obvious necessities like birth date, location and age. Access is granted immediately after the data is submitted and verified. Naturally, their automated security protocol discriminates against subscribers from regions that prohibit virtual gambling. Ease of Access Because the interface is uniquely efficient and sleek, users can connect with the community through a variety of platforms. Furthermore, the system automatically selects the currency most commonly used in an individual’s location. The most important element of universal accommodation comes in the form of vast language translation services. There are 17 different languages to choose from in a scroll down menu that is conveniently located in the top right corner at all times. Flags are provided alongside language options to visually aid the selection of a proper format for communication. The default setting is British English, but a variety of European and Asian dialects are offered. Welcome Bonuses First-time gamblers are given some hefty incentives to subscribe. There is a total bonus amount of €1,010 available to all new members. These awards are granted in four separate increments. A user’s first three deposits are given an extra 125% imbursement that is... read more

Betfair Casino Review

In 1999, The Sports Exchange was born out of a chance meeting between two individuals, Andrew ‘Bert’ Black and Edward Wray, both of whom each had a strong affiliation with the horse racing and sports gambling industries throughout Europe and Australia. They founded the Sports Exchange as a vehicle to facilitate direct sports and horse race wagering between individual clients, essentially removing the need for a bookmaker. This type of wagering represented a revolutionary idea that was met with great enthusiasm by gamblers all over the world. In 2000, the name was changed to Betfair Betting Exchange. The new name established a viable brand that clearly identified the group’s product line. Over the years, the company has expanded that product line to include a poker room, a fixed odds sports book, a bingo parlor and one of the industry’s most extensive and exciting online casinos, which includes “live” casino gaming. In 2010, the company launched one of the most exciting IPOs in recent history, offering stock under the name Betfair Entertainment Limited on the London Stock Exchange. With a focus on providing investor value, the company continues to develop unique wagering opportunities and gaming products, assuring that Betfair’s place as one of the largest gaming operations in the world will stand the test of time. The remainder of this review will focus exclusively on the Betfair online casino. Site Unlike many of the current online casinos, Betfair’s casino division has opted to rely on name recognition instead of a flashy website that is filled with the usual bells and whistles. This site is simple and straightforward, offering just the... read more

Unibet Casino Review

While there are many different online casinos out there for you to choose, Unibet is still one of the most popular. Its user base is in the millions, with tons of players looking to win big and have fun while doing it. This review is specifically for Unibet, its website, games and anything else users might find helpful when trying to choose the right online or mobile casino to utilize. Having a great site you enjoy going to is key to having fun playing online casino games, poker and bingo, so it’s important to take all of these points into consideration when using Unibet or looking to make an account on the website. Using an Online Casino Like Unibet Unibet is an online and mobile-based casino site that enables users to bet real money, win real money and play games. The types of games available on all mobile and online casinos vary from one site to the next, but online casinos generally make it both simple and fun to play like you would in a real casino right from home. Having this level of convenience is important for individuals who want to have a great time without having to visit a local casino. In many cases, you may not even be near to a local casino to be able to go there and bet or play yourself. This is why online casinos are becoming the more popular choice for people. It’s easy to create accounts on the Internet, log on and begin winning real money. Many online casinos will allow you to bet your own money or in-game tokens... read more

Tropicana Casino Review

Online gaming has been a hot topic for a long time. When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed the legislation that allowed for legal online gaming, local casinos started to search for partnership opportunities with Internet gaming providers. While there were so many options to choose from the Tropicana made an excellent choice by going with Gamesys, which has contributed greatly to the success of the website. For people who love to gamble but can’t make it to the actual casino – or prefer to play from the comfort of their own home (or hotel room) – online gambling at is the perfect option. The Tropicana’s online casino,, quickly became one of New Jersey’s best Internet gaming websites, even though it was the fifth casino to get their online gambling permit in the state. Additional New Jersey casinos that now offer online gambling include the Borgata, the Golden Nugget, Trump Taj Mahal, and the Trump Plaza. One of the main reasons why the is so popular among players is because it’s easy to use, rarely faces problems, and is stable. The casino works well and people can depend on it for quality online gambling. Several other online gaming sites, while profitable, have faced far more functioning issues that has. For many people who have tried out New Jersey’s other gambling sites, has become their main go-to casino website. Part of the casino’s success is that they’ve built such a strong core of loyal players. Will it become your primary online casino, too? The Tropicana in Atlantic City The Tropicana is one of Atlantic City’s... read more

Virgin Casino Review

In January 2014, acclaimed billionaire and entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, made yet another splash in the world of technology by partnering with Gamesys and the Tropicana Atlantic City Casino and Resort to launch a legal, real-money online gaming platform in the state of New Jersey. Branson has not only managed to retain his staunch reputation as a technological guru through the release of Virgin Casino, he has likely gained new accolades, as the website has proved itself to be a top-notch choice for anyone interested in online gambling. Not only does Virgin Casino offer a wide variety of slots and table games–both classic staples and modern favorites–but every facet of the website has been carefully constructed to ensure trust, security and customer satisfaction. Alongside these attributes, the website consistently evolves by adding more and more games and offering special promotions and deals throughout the year. This favorable review will detail all the elements that make Virgin Casino a top choice for anyone interested in the world of online gambling. Trust and Security Other than being one of the most recognizable casinos due to the Virgin brand and logo, Virgin Casino maintains a reputation as one of the most trusted casinos due to its stance on responsible gambling. Not only does the site consciously display a number (1-800-GAMBLER) to support those suffering a gambling addiction or who know someone with a gambling addiction, there is an entire section dedicated to responsible gambling. This sections outlines ways for gamblers to enjoy Virgin Casino responsibly as well as the various features offered to ensure safe gambling and security: Establishing Limits Virgin Casino... read more

Caesars Casino Review

Caesars Casino is a stunning online casino that provides top of the line services and access to top notch games. They work hard to bring he Caesers Corporation to the globe through the Internet. With amazing customer service and their ability to bring quality entertainment through unique casino games, they are one of the best online casinos in the world today. Their strong Internet security options has separated them from the industry, allowing them to help others stay safe when playing on their site. They have some very fun games and high payouts, so they can bring you that much closer to winning more money online. This casino is very closely part of the Caesars Entertainment Corporation. This industry got their start back in Nevada 71 years ago, and they have revolutionized how the world of casinos operate. This online casino is no different than the hotels and other casinos that they own. Online casinos are truly the best way to gamble. Say goodbye to having to drive to a casino to get the chance to gamble. The online slots, roulette, blackjack games, and other fun casino games can all be played online with Caesars Casino UK. Top Notch Games This stunning site offers very exciting games. Using the Gamesys software, every game is easy to play and offers perfect graphics that replicates the feeling of doing it in person. They have a wide array of casino games to give you that exciting experience. Their baccarat games, roulette, blackjack, and other slot machine games are all going to be fun for you to play whenever you want. This site... read more

Ladbrokes Casino Review

For those who are looking for a high-quality online and mobile casino, Ladbrokes delivers in terms of available games and quality. For those who aren’t yet familiar with the Ladbrokes site, there are many options and games available for you to make use of. You can choose to play some of your all-time favorite casino games for free or you can become a member and actually bet real money in order to earn more in return. It is entirely up to you how you use the site and its many features, but the first thing is to visit the site yourself to get a feel for what they’re offering. Online Casino Benefits and Usage with Ladbrokes Using an online and mobile-based casino like Ladbrokes is a way for you to play some of your all-time favorite casino games without actually having to visit a local casino. Not many people have local casinos convenient to their home, so having one that you can easily play on the Internet or from a mobile device makes it very easy for you to play and win. The benefits of using an online-based casino are endless, and you will be able to play games all day and night without even leaving the house. Another benefit with using Ladbrokes is that you get to choose if you’d like to play for free and just for the fun of it, or you can make the decision to create an account on the site and actually win money playing games. If you feel that you could make a lot of money playing slots, roulette games and the... read more

Paddy Power Casino Review

Are you someone who is looking for a fantastic place to relax, to try your luck, to make some cash and to have some fun? If so, one option that might pull you in is Paddy Power online casino. This casino site boasts about having a little bit of something for everyone, and we decided that we wanted to find out if it is right! Many people have taken advantage of Paddy Power’s offerings and won big. That this is one of the most popular casino sites out there is something that no one is doubting, but what does this site have for you? Consider some of the options you have in front of you, and make sure that this is where you want to play. This site, based off of the Isle of Man, offers you casino games that are sure to interest you. Easy to Play, Easy to Fall In As would befit any site that is meant to introduce you to the games that you love, Paddy Power is a site that is incredibly easy to use. Once you open it up, you can decide on the category of the games that you want to play as well as the specific games themselves. Once you make your selection, you are playing literally within seconds, whether you are interested in blackjack, slots or video poker. Some people call this interface simplistic, but if you are a serious gamer, you will find that this matters less to you than the quality of the game, which is something that we will get to in a little bit. One of... read more

Drake Casino Review

Drake Casino is one of the one of the leading online casinos in the industry, thanks to a strong focus on creating an enjoyable experience for the player. Every aspect of Drake Casino’s operation, from the frequent special promotions to the prompt and congenial customer support to the streamlined cashier system, has been specially designed to be as enjoyable an experience as possible. After all, casino gaming isn’t about the drudgery of online micro-transactions, it’s about the excitement of that “all or nothing” shot at the jackpot! Drake Casino knows that, and has been perfecting the art of keeping that thrill in the forefront throughout the experience since 2012. A Diverse Panoply Of Gaming Experiences Drake Casino offers a wide variety of games, so that every player is bound to find the right game that scratches their itch for the casino thrill. For the enthusiasts of classic casino games, you’ll find Traditional Keno, American Blackjack, and an assortment of slot machines. For those looking for something a little more elaborate, there’s also a line of original titles. All of these games are played in your browser, from the comfort of your own home, and require no additional downloads. Original 3D In-Browser Flash Games A Night In Paris has the player defending the Paris Museum from a comically inept art thief. Bluebeard’s Gold challenges players to solve the mystery of buried pirate treasure. Drab To Fab is a game of chance inspired by the latest trends in home renovation and flipping. Rook’s Revenge is the latest in a series of games featuring Drake Casino’s own mascot Rook, the island chieftain.... read more

888 Casino Review

Few other online gambling sites have the long history that 888 Casino does. The original 888 Holdings organization was founded way back in 1997, and at that time it launched a product called Casino-on-Net. That site was one of the very first ones that ever accepted electronic bets. More recently the Casino-on-Net site was renamed 888 Casino, which includes a variety of different gambling properties. Promotions tend to set the casino apart from other similar online properties. New users can generally expect a welcome bonus when they sign up. This bonus usually offers a 100 percent match on the first deposit up to $200 when the user places real money wagers on games in the casino. Additional bonuses are also available to users once their account is activated. Software and Support Unlike most online casinos, 888 Casino doesn’t actually use any of the popular casino packages. While most sites use software from Real Time Gaming or Playtech, 888 Casino developed a proprietary package called Random Logic. Some consumers might be concerned about this, but the software is a pleasant surprise. It provides a very large variety of different games to play without cutting back on the amount of in-game features that players are used to. Random Logic has extensive foreign language support. Casino gamers can opt to play in English, Spanish, French, Danish, Russian, Czech, Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Latvian and Swedish. Programmers are currently translating the software into several other languages, according to the FAQ posted on the 888 Casino homepage. This should help to attract a large international audience for the casino. Users can download a... read more