Drake Casino Review

Drake Casino Review

Drake Casino is one of the one of the leading online casinos in the industry, thanks to a strong focus on creating an enjoyable experience for the player. Every aspect of Drake Casino’s operation, from the frequent special promotions to the prompt and congenial customer support to the streamlined cashier system, has been specially designed to be as enjoyable an experience as possible. After all, casino gaming isn’t about the drudgery of online micro-transactions, it’s about the excitement of that “all or nothing” shot at the jackpot! Drake Casino knows that, and has been perfecting the art of keeping that thrill in the forefront throughout the experience since 2012.

A Diverse Panoply Of Gaming Experiences

Drake Casino offers a wide variety of games, so that every player is bound to find the right game that scratches their itch for the casino thrill. For the enthusiasts of classic casino games, you’ll find Traditional Keno, American Blackjack, and an assortment of slot machines. For those looking for something a little more elaborate, there’s also a line of original titles. All of these games are played in your browser, from the comfort of your own home, and require no additional downloads.

Original 3D In-Browser Flash Games

A Night In Paris has the player defending the Paris Museum from a comically inept art thief. Bluebeard’s Gold challenges players to solve the mystery of buried pirate treasure. Drab To Fab is a game of chance inspired by the latest trends in home renovation and flipping. Rook’s Revenge is the latest in a series of games featuring Drake Casino’s own mascot Rook, the island chieftain. SugarPop is as simple as Flash games get, but is as satisfying as any candy you’ve ever tasted. And in the game of Good Girl, Bad Girl, you’ll be asked to pick a side, but how will you know which to choose? There’s also Virtual Racebook 3D, which let you simulate a day at the track without actually having to spend a day at the track. Peruse Drake Casino’s omnium-gatherum of gaming experiences for yourself, and find the one that calls out to you, that gives you that feeling you’ve sought in an online casino gaming experience. Take your time deciding, or just don’t decide and play all of them!

An Endless Cavalcade of Promotions

If the typical casino’s chance of a big payoff just isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, you can tip the odds ever more in your favor by taking advantage of Drake Casino’s frequent promotions! Every week, and sometimes multiple times within the week, there’s a new featured game tournament! If you put up the big score on that game on the right day, you could find yourself winning an extra jackpot of anywhere from $100 to $1000. Drake Casino also offers various “free spin” bonuses on all of its slot machine games. And in the month of December 2014, Drake Casino held a month-long $20,000 tournament, which every single registered player on the site was guaranteed entry to! Additional monthly promos also feature a different game each month, so keep your eyes on the latest promotions and bonuses. When your favorite game comes up, you can find yourself on a winning streak all month long!

Casino Gaming, Twenty First Century Style

Additional promotions are sent out through e-mail, as well as special Facebook and Twitter promotions, so you can receive coupons and redeemable codes for free casino chips in the next game. Once you become a player, you can email support@drakecasino.eu after either liking the Drake Casino Facebook Page or following Drake Casino (@drakecasino) on Twitter to claim the free 5,000 Rewards Point bonus. And if you sign up to receive these promos and freebies, then you’ll have the latest numbers coming in on demand, so you can always keep track of what jackpots you’re in the running for, and how good your odds are of getting it.

100% Welcome Bonus

Right now, the biggest promotion running is the 100% Welcome Bonus. New players will get an additional 100% of anything they win as a special bonus, as Drake Casino’s way of welcoming you to the family! But the promo won’t last forever, so all the more reason to start off your casino experience strong!

Stay On That Streak, On the Go

Drake Casino is also available on Apple or Android phones and tablets, so you can play a hand or two no matter where you find yourself. You get the full casino experience right from your phone. Don’t let the myriad dull moments of life bog you down! The bus ride home, the line at the grocery store, those moments you’d otherwise waste waiting for coffee to boil or the bathroom to be available, even the commercial breaks during your favorite TV show could all be opportunities to win!

Drake Casino’s apps for Android and iOS are diligently maintained for an optimized gaming experience, as well as a flawless technical performance. The developers are acutely aware of all the challenges that face online gaming, from glitches in the software to malicious hacking attempts to unsportsmanlike attempts to cheat the system, and are ever vigilant against such chicanery for your benefit and protection. The only people who experience any hassle or discontent from the activities of hackers or cheaters, are the hackers and cheaters themselves as they find their efforts thwarted and their accounts closed without refund. You, the honest gambler, might be forgiven for forgetting such underhanded folk even exist, as you’ll never see hide nor hair of such activities.

Optimized Technical Performance

Drake Casino knows that the mechanics of buying in and cashing out are the dull parts of the casino experience, and that a lot of people are nervous about whether or not they can trust an online cashier. Drake Casino is committed to giving you the best experience possible. Not only is Drake Casino’s cashier system secure, it’s also user-friendly. Drake Casino accepts many of the most popular forms on online payment processing, including Bitcoin ( Best bitcoin casinos listed at http://bitcoincasino.best/ ) as well as Visa and MasterCard. The system is explained clearly on the site, before you are asked to click on anything, so you know that you’re doing it right and can put your mind at ease when you’re playing for the big money. If you’re still concerned, you’ll find the Customer Support Hotline on the top of every page on the site, so you’re never more than a phone call away from having a Drake Casino technical associate taking care of any and all issues that might come up for you. You’ll understand Drake Casino’s genuine investment in your gaming experience once you’ve had the opportunity to speak with the team yourself.

Drake Casino understands– and expects its players to understand as well– that the time you spend at the casino, including all the incidental minutiae such as opening an account, making deposits or bets, or withdrawing winnings, is purely for personal enjoyment, recreation and entertainment. That’s why Drake Casino has put so much effort into taking the tedium out of the trivialities, and lengthening the larrikin of actually playing all your favorite games. The folks at Drake Casino understand that this isn’t your job. It’s their job, and so they take care of all the complexities for you, in a manner that makes it easy for you to understand your options and make the most of your experience.

Drake Casino Knows How to Reward its Faithful

If you enjoy your experience with Drake Casino, then it’s only natural that you’d want to come back again and again. Drake Casino offers its players a rewards plan known as the Drake Club. The more you play, the ore points you’ll earn, and as you earn your way up the echelons of the Drake Club, you’ll receive steadily increasing bonuses on every deposit you make, as well as additional bonuses on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The first Drake Club level a player earns is Amber Level, which offers a 10% bonus on every deposit. That means an Amber Level Member gets $11 worth of casino gaming for every $10 he deposits. Once he works his way up to Diamond Level, that bonus increases to %35, and that same $10 now gets him $13.50 worth of casino games. The longer you stick with Drake Casino, the more you’ll get out of it without having to spend more. What’s more, higher level members also earn more points per dollar wagered as they rise through the ranks, so making your way up to Diamond Level is a surprisingly easy trip. Especially when the points are earned by playing casino games: the very thing you came to Drake Casino to do in the first place. You may even find yourself obtaining Diamond Level without even noticing!

We All Seek to Satisfy Those Thrills

Maybe you’ve experienced online casinos before, and gotten disenchanted with them. The fascination of novelty that comes with any new experience wears off quickly, leaving the experience itself to stand on its own merits. And for too many substandard sites out there, merits are in short supply. Surely any savvy casino gambler knows that the initial adrenaline rush of a new game will evanesce all too quickly unless there’s real engagement there, and real engagement requires a level of commitment on the part of the casino itself. In an old-fashioned “brick and mortar” casino, an especially outgoing dealer or croupier can keep energy levels high, but an online casino has an uphill battle to fight due to not having any such personal feedback.

To add insult to injury, many of the general public hold a dim view of online gaming in general. In the minds of far too many, the idea conjures images of a corrupt operation, of the gullible being exploited, of broken aspirations and shameless bloodsucking. Sadly, the online casino industry holds too many examples where such dismissal and oversimplification is not without merit. Drake Casino has always operated under the assumption that it is their responsibility to make the experience they provide to the players the soap that will wash away such biased preconceptions. When an organization understands its need to convince a skeptical public through honestly and quality of delivery, the result is a truly remarkable thing to witness, and Drake Casino invites all who are curious to witness it, with the aforementioned 100% welcome bonus.

The fact that Drake Casino has risen to the top of its industry, particularly an industry where new “flash in the pan” casinos come and go so fast and the general public is biased to mistrust casinos, is a solid proof that its operators have learned how keep the players coming back for more, and that means that all those Diamond Level players are still getting the experience they crave out of casino gaming. The actions of lesser online casinos may threaten to undermine Drake Casino’s reputation, but those that have seen what Drake Casino does for its players know better thank to judge an industry by the folly of various short-lived failures in the industry. Drake Casino has been through the trial by fire and ice, and mastered the business of giving people the gambler’s thrill they expect and demand out of an online casino, by steadily focusing on it in every aspect of their infrastructure and working hard to develop a consanguinity with each and every one of their players.

Just Imagine Yourself at Drake Casino

What do you think of when you imagine a casino? What is it that draws you to them? It’s that feeling of excitement and anticipation when you make a wager and that moment just before you find out if you’ve won or lost. The losses make the winning all that much sweeter, don’t they? Why else would you keep coming back? Think about it. If everybody won, the casino would go bankrupt in a hurry. But if everybody lost, they’d stop going back. The key to a successful casino is finding that “sweet spot”, where the players win enough that they can afford to keep spinning, but the house still supports itself.

Then there’s satisfaction on a smaller level, within each game individually. If a single game isn’t fun in and of itself, who would play it? On the other hand, fun is a very individual reaction. We all enjoy different things in different ways. That’s why a successful casino has to have a wide variety of games, in order to provide as many people as possible with something they enjoy. But there are still certain archetypes of a successful casino game, certain elements that make it fun. There’s the lights, sights, and sounds of the game. There’s the rules of the game, and the mental puzzle we all have to figure out as we decide how much to wager, and on what. Then there’s the suspense as the game plays out. All casino games have these elements, in some form or another. Drake Casino is constantly coming out with new games, and making tweaks to old ones, in order to maximize that visceral feedback you get from a fun game.

Drake Casino acknowledges that some people have an addiction to gambling and/or other inabilities to control their gaming and wagering activities. This is a lamentable but inevitable result of that tangible thrill that Drake Casino has sought to provide. The excitement of casino gaming is, like all human experiences, a result of the brain releasing various chemicals. A truly enjoyable experience can cause a person to experience a natural high similar to those brought on by addictive substances, causing the person to become addicted. Drake Casino urges all its players to be responsible in their gaming, so that they may continue to enjoy not only their time spent playing, but all the aspects of their lives as well.

A Commitment to Every Last Player on a Personal Level

Drake Casino treats its players with the respect and personal consideration you’d expect from a casino croupier standing right there on the other side of the table. Not only do they offer a live technical support number, they also feature a live chat number to call, as well as a blog about casino gaming both on and offline. You can get in touch with the folks at Drake by leaving a comment on any of the blog posts, as well as by phone or e-mail, because Drake values the feedback it receives from its players. All phone conversations are for the purpose of customer support. Drake Casino will never call you unless you specifically ask them to. While Drake Casino does its best to provide you with accurate information, any information that you receive is subject to the rules, guidelines, standards, terms and conditions that appear on the Drake Casino website or any such conditions that are sent directly to you in email form.

Drake Casino also maintains a vested interest in respecting and protecting the privacy of each and every one of its players. When you open an account with Drake Casino, it’s true that you’ll need to provide some personal information, but that info is only ever used for the purposes of creating your account. Drake Casino never sells, trades, or otherwise reveals its players’ information to anyone outside of the company. The cookies that are used by Drake Casino’s website are only used to help determine from where the visitor originated. This cookie information is an anonymous profile of the players’ origins, as is needed to ensure that Drake Casino’s players are playing in jurisdictions where online gaming is legal. The players’ locations also relates to measuring the casino’s advertising, but Drake Casino does not use cookies to collect any other data, out of respect for you, the player.

Let The Games Persuade You Themselves

Drake Casino does not require players to pay in to play the games. You can choose not to make a deposit, and play the games for free, though you can not win money or earn rewards points in the Drake Club if you don’t pay in. There’s no limit on how long you can do this for either! This means that if you’re unsure about whether or not you want to pay to participate, you simply don’t! Drake Casino is confident that once you’ve experienced the excitement of their online games, and seen for yourself the quality and security of their infrastructure, you’ll agree that the possibility of winning big is worth the ante. How else could they possibly offer you the opportunity to play all of their games without paying in, effectively “giving away the store”, unless they had the utmost confidence in the selection of games they offer?

You’ll understand, too, once you’ve played the games Drake Casino has to offer for yourself. Once you’ve gotten to know the different games, all the variants on classic casino favorites and the new 3D Flash games, then you’ll realize that they’re all fun, but the real fun comes from the tangible feeling of suspense that can only come from having money down on a game. That moment in which you hold your breath and your gaze is locked onto the screen, waiting to find out of you’ve won or lost, followed by either the unbridled glory of watching your winnings roll in or the bitter morass of losing that serves as the yang to the winnings’ win, is how you’ll come to recognize that Drake Casino IS worth your time and your money. And thanks to Drake Casino’s generous promotions, bonuses, sweepstakes, and free spin giveaways, you’re boudn to discover that it’s not as much money as you might have expected.

To become a member of Drake Casino, a player must be located in a jurisdiction where online gaming is not prohibited, and must also be either 21 years old or the age of majority in that jurisdiction (whichever is lower).

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