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Are you looking to make some extra money? Maybe you want to make the extra money at home, instead of having to go out and work for the money. Here’s an easy way to earn some extra cash, while you’re at the comfort of your own computer. Join as a member of, in order to begin earning money on the website. The website is dedicated to those who like to play online casino games, but it lets USA players know the best casinos to game in. By promoting the website to others, you can earn points, which convert to cash.

Online casino directory guide for USA

Start off by creating your own account. Creating an account takes only a few minutes, and it can start you on your way to earning 250 points. In order to get the 250 points, you must take the time to verify your account, which means you’ll give any identity information they need. After you’ve verified your account, go around the website, and every page that you visit, will earn you an additional point. If you’re able to get people to the website, you’ll earn 150 points, if the person joins through your promotion link. You’ll want new members to follow you, because this will give you 50 points each.

Do you like to blog? Bloggers are encouraged to write posts, and this can earn you 100 points per blog. If you take the time to answer a question that’s asked on the website, you can also earn points for this as well. For every point that you earn, you’ll be given one penny. If you earn 1000 points, you’ll get $10, 2000 points earns you $20 and so on. Once you get to the minimum of 5000 points, you’re allowed to cash your money out through PayPal, or another source of your choice.

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