Online Blackjack

Playing online blackjack at makes a great way to enjoy the game and has a number of advantages. An individual can play at any time or from anywhere. Newbies need not worry about annoying other players, and mistakes are additionally limited. The pace is faster, meaning more hands can be played.


A Guide on How to Play
Blackjack is a simple game and one can learn it in minutes since the rules are easy and the bets one cannot place too many bets. The decisions made are mostly quite straightforward.

The Basics
In blackjack, the players compete against the dealer directly, using one or more standard card decks placed on a special table featuring five to seven betting spots, with any number of the betting spots being active during a game. A player can opt to play at more than just one spot.

Before a round starts, players choose the amount to stake and place a reflective number of chips. The dealer then deals a two card hand to each of the active betting spots, and to themselves, with a single card exposed. Play proceeds in a clockwise fashion, with players opting to either stick with their cards or take additional cards.

A player can take the additional cards till their hand value adds up to, or above 21. If the hand value exceeds 21 after taking a card, it is a “bust” and the player loses their stake. After players complete their action, the dealer then plays their hand, taking additional cards till their hand values 17 or they go bust. The value of the cards in a deck are;
• Ace: either 1 or 11.
• Cards from 2-10: valued at face value.
• Picture cards, the Queen, King and Jack: valued at 10.
• The suits are irrelevant.
There is zero action once the dealer reaches 17 or goes bust, with settling of the bets being based on the following.
The amount a player wins equals their stake, if they have higher valued hand than the dealer and avoid going “bust”.
• The amount a player wins equals their stake if the dealer goes bust and they don’t.
• The pay out to a player is on a ratio of 3:2 if it’s a blackjack, and the dealer’s deal is not a blackjack.
• Regardless of the dealer’s hand, a player loses once they go bust.
• A player loses when the dealer has a higher value hand.
• A stake is returned if the value of the player’s hand equals the hand value of the dealer.
• A stake is returned if the player and dealer both deal a blackjack.
A new round begins after settling all bets on a round.

Tips for Playing Blackjack
To experience the best out of playing online blackjack, ensure you a set aside a certain amount. Blackjack is not convenient for those using finances that they cannot afford losing.

Check the terms and conditions before you make any deposit to claim a bonus. Bonuses are valuable, and it’s imperative that you fully comprehend the requirement of making a wager and other relevant rules.

The most important information to playing blackjack online is choosing the most appropriate casino. Every casino on the web provides online blackjack. Not all sites are of approved betting standards, and it is, therefore, important to choose a site that has a good reputation and offers quality.

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A Step by Step Guide
The following are easy to understand guidelines to assist make blackjack rules clear.

Starting a hand
To start of a hand, place your stake on the available betting spot considering the minimum and maximum stake, with your stake staying within these limits.

The Deal
Two cards are dealt once you have placed your stake, both facing upwards. The dealer also receives two cards, with only one facing up, and adds up the total value of your cards to know your points prior to the next deal.

Hitting or Standing: These are the only two standard options that proceed when deciding your next action once you have been dealt. No more cards are dealt if your decision is to stand, you just have to wait and see the dealer’s hand. If you decide to hit, you are dealt another card, meaning you continue hitting till you either hit 21 or go bust. You lose your stake if you go bust. In certain circumstances, there are alternate options offered to you apart from the standard, including:

Insurance: If the exposed card is an ace, you are given the choice to insure yourself against the dealer’s hand being a blackjack; you lose half your initial stake on an insurance bet. The payout is a 2:1 ratio if the dealer’s hand is a blackjack and you loss if it’s not.

Splitting: If the two cards dealt are of equal value, you can opt to divide them into a two hand. Once you decide to, you must place more chips to match the value of your original stake. Every card then creates a new hand, and another card is dealt to every new hand. The new hands are then played as normal, with the original stake on one hand and the new stake on the other.

Doubling: In some conditions, you can double your stake after your initial cards are dealt, though this is determined by the variant you are playing. In other conditions, you can only double if your original two cards value a total of 9, 10, or 11. Once you double, you are dealt one more card and you must stick with it in respect to the added card.

Surrendering: You can choose to surrender after your two original cards are dealt, depending on the variants. If you surrender, you lose half your stake, meaning you cannot be active in the round. This might seem drastic, but might be the appropriate decision under certain circumstances. For instance, when the dealer shows a 10 and you have 14, your winning chances are minimal and surrendering then saves you a chunk of money in the long run.

Dealer Options: When it’s the dealer’s play, their options are limited and they cannot opt to double, surrender, or even split. They are only able to hit or stand since they have to follow fixed rules and they don’t have the option of making a decision. They stand if they have a hand value of 17 or above, and are forced to hit if they have 16 and below. All the players in that round still in the table win if the dealer goes bust.

Rewards & Bonuses
The most important benefits of playing online games are the bonuses and rewards on offer, with most of the online casinos offering new customers with the benefit of signing up for bonuses on their first deposit, which can be worth more in monetary terms. Online blackjack provides a superb advantage when it comes to getting the best value for money.

Bonuses tend to be attached to certain terms and conditions, including wagering requirements, and this means you must bet a specified amount before you can cash in. Blackjack has a low house edge, meaning you stand a high chance of meeting the requirements. You are unlikely to lose before releasing the bonus compared to when playing a high house edge game.

Online rewards offered by casinos are based on how much you play, so the more you bet, the more you profit. The low house edge can favor you because although you have high chances of winning, even when you lose, the rate should be slower than the other games and you can earn valuable rewards without losing much.

Some online casinos incorporate game weightings to the rewards and bonuses offered, which means wagering on specific games contributes less towards clearing the requirements of the bet and earning rewards. These weightings can mean the additional value of playing is not as good.

Varieties and Favorable Rules
There are different variants of blackjack, but live casinos mostly offer just one or two, limiting your choice, which highlights the advantage of playing blackjack online over live blackjack, especially since most online casinos offer a wide variety, increasing choices.

Favorable rules are a lot easier to find when playing online though the rules vary for every casino, which might affect the game’s house edge. Playing in live casinos means you are stuck with the offered rules, while you can compare whatever is available at the different online casinos and simply opt for the best option.

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