Virgin Casino Review

Virgin Casino Review

In January 2014, acclaimed billionaire and entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, made yet another splash in the world of technology by partnering with Gamesys and the Tropicana Atlantic City Casino and Resort to launch a legal, real-money online gaming platform in the state of New Jersey.

Branson has not only managed to retain his staunch reputation as a technological guru through the release of Virgin Casino, he has likely gained new accolades, as the website has proved itself to be a top-notch choice for anyone interested in online gambling. Not only does Virgin Casino offer a wide variety of slots and table games–both classic staples and modern favorites–but every facet of the website has been carefully constructed to ensure trust, security and customer satisfaction.

Alongside these attributes, the website consistently evolves by adding more and more games and offering special promotions and deals throughout the year.

This favorable review will detail all the elements that make Virgin Casino a top choice for anyone interested in the world of online gambling.

Trust and Security

Other than being one of the most recognizable casinos due to the Virgin brand and logo, Virgin Casino maintains a reputation as one of the most trusted casinos due to its stance on responsible gambling. Not only does the site consciously display a number (1-800-GAMBLER) to support those suffering a gambling addiction or who know someone with a gambling addiction, there is an entire section dedicated to responsible gambling. This sections outlines ways for gamblers to enjoy Virgin Casino responsibly as well as the various features offered to ensure safe gambling and security:

Establishing Limits

Virgin Casino offers four bullet-points of “Knowing Your Limits”, such as deciding on a set time limit for gaming and to “bet with your head, not over it”, meaning that users should take heed in placing bets that are unrealistic or outside their personal means. The site also offers daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits as well as gaming session limits. Alongside that, users have the option of utilizing an “Account Cool Off” option where their account will be locked from 72 hours to four weeks. The site also offers information on a “Self Exclusion Program” where users can have their name placed on a list for one or five years–they will be unable to access their list during that time period. The site also notes that lifetime exclusion can be obtained if a person makes an in-person request at one of the Division of Gaming Enforcement’s offices.

Virgin Mobile’s highly trained staff can help with this process by assessing the user’s gaming history and also offering one-on-one support for those that feel they may be facing gambling problems or addiction.

Other Resources and Assessment

Virgin Casino offers a list of organizations which offer support with gambling addiction along with software aimed to help block gaming addicts from perpetuating their addiction online. A self-assessment comprised of twelve questions is also offered for those feeling they may have a problem. The more a patron answers “yes” to the questions, the more likely it is that they have or may be developing a problem.

Lawful Practices

Virgin Casino prevents access of their services to minors and individuals under the age of 21 by requiring users to verify their age through confirmation of a name, address, social security number and date of birth during registration—all of this information is kept completely confidential. The site also cautions that any user found to be under the age of 21 will have all their winnings declared null and void and that other legal ramifications will apply accordingly. Virgin Casino also offers links to parental control devices that will help restrict minors from accessing their account to gamble.


Users’ accounts are kept secure through various procedures. The individual will create a unique username during the registration process along with a password. Gamblers can only access their account when the correct username or email, password, and SMS PIN code are entered correctly. Users will also set answers to “security questions” in the case of losing their username or password, which will ensure extra security. Virgin Casino also provides 12 bullet-points on methods in selecting usernames and passwords in order to maximize protection of one’s account, such as using a variety of characters or numerics for their password and making their password one that is case-sensitive.

Customer Services

Virgin Casino’s support staff takes careful measures to ensure any issue or complaint made by a user is resolved as quickly as possible. Users can access the support staff either by live chat or email 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the user feels that their issue has not been resolved, they can “escalate” their complaint by sending an email to the Internet Gaming Manager and expect a response within five days. If a user feels that after escalating their claim they still have yet to receive adequate support, Virgin Casino offers information on submitting the complaint to the Complaints Manager or the Managing Director’s Office of the Division of Gaming Enforcement. The website also has a comprehensive FAQ’s section detailing any confusion or concern a patron may have.


Much like its registration process, Virgin Casino’s site layout is straightforward, albeit aesthetically appealing. This section of the review will detail how the website excels in the ease it offers patrons within the registration process and also payment/banking options.


As outlined in the “Security” subheading above, registration simply involves the creation of a unique username and password, along with verification of current age and location. Once registered, patrons can select their banking and payment options and begin playing.

Banking and Payment Options

One benefit of Virgin Casino is the flexibility it allows with regards to the type of commitment a patron must make when choosing a deposit to begin gambling. Patrons can deposit as little as $10 or up to $100. An added benefit of this flexibility is that Virgin Casino does not charge for deposits or withdrawals, so patrons needn’t worry about being indebted to anything more than the monetary investment of their choosing.

Virgin Casino offers several banking options, including holders of Visa and/or Mastercards (these can be either credit or debit cards), electronic check, cage deposit at The Tropicana or utilizing a code offered by a cashier at 7-Elevens where patrons can receive their winnings. Virgin Casino also just released two additional features to make payouts even easier and more secure than before.

One of these features includes the option to fund an account using online banking details in order for payouts to be seamlessly transferred to their bank. Patrons can easily and safely transfer money to their personal bank accounts without sharing personal information, which ensures security. Virgin Casino offers this option to 13 different banks, including big names like Bank of America and lesser known banks like New York Community Bank. For those experiencing any issues with deposits to their account, Virgin Casino offers Neteller as an alternative payment method. Neteller is fast, easy and secure. Patrons simply need to create a Neteller account, add this to their Visa or MasterCard and then add funds using a 12 digit Neteller account ID and 6 digit security ID.

Those unfamiliar with Neteller or in need of setting up an account can live chat with a Virgin Casino customer service agent, anytime 24/7.

Bonuses and Promotions

Virgin Casino offers a litany of bonuses and promotions to help patrons truly expedite their winnings. The staple bonuses and promotions of the site include ones such as the “Signup Bonus”, the “V* Point System” and “Daily Free”. Other promotions may vary throughout the year, but each is ensured to excite its patrons. Here are some details on staple and current offerings for patrons:

Signup Bonus

Virgin Casino stands out from many of its competitors with its “Signup Bonus”. If a player finds themselves in the precarious situation of bad luck from the get-go, Virgin Casino will refund their losses up to $100. A minimum deposit of $10 is required to qualify for this bonus.

V Point System

Another great bonus for frequent users is “V* Points”, a system that Virgin Casino created to show its appreciation for its patrons. The more a person plays, the more V* Points that are accumulated. For ever $40 bet on Slots and for ever $100 bet on any other game, patrons will earn one point. When 20 points have been earned, patrons can “swap” them for bonus money that will be immediately deposited into their account. Patrons will earn $0.20 for every 20 points.

Daily Free

Virgin Casino offers a “Daily Free” section, where patrons are given the opportunity to win free spins by playing “Tiki’s Catch of the Day” and/or “Search for the Phoenix”. At the end of the month, patrons can come back to check their prizes.

Community Jackpot

“We’re all in this together” is an age-old motto that could certainly apply to this website. “You’re going to love this,” boasts Virgin Casino under the section detailing their Community Jackpot—and we’d have to agree. The term “community” is exemplified in this deal (pun intended), as players will be eligible for a cut of a Community Jackpot even if they were not the one to strike it. Basically, this means that if a user has played within the past hour when a Community Jackpot was won by a different patron, they are eligible for a share of that prize—even if they are not online.

In order to unlock a Community Jackpot, users should keep their eyes open for a special key that will appear on the bar above the game. When users click this key, they could either become a big winner instantly—if not, they are still eligible to win a share of community prizes.

Virgin Casino also spreads the wealth around by allowing an additional $20,000 to be shared amongst the community every time a jackpot is won.

Seasonal Promotions

Most recently, Virgin Casino offered a “New Year’s Playback” bonus with up to $100 bonus money. The promotion had been set from December 29 to January 1, but as one promotion ends the website has proven itself to be consistent in offering more and more opportunities throughout the year.


Virgin Casino takes on the formidable task of using flashy, animation-laden online slot machines without looking kitschy. They have certainly succeeded and—alongside the visual appeal offered by the slots—users can look forward to enjoying all the lovely sounds and musical tracks attached to these online slots without the cacophony of other noises experienced in real life casinos.

Virgin Casino currently offers over 50 online slot machines that are as fun as they are versatile. Powered by renowned technology distributers IGT and Gamesy, patrons can start playing immediately without any need to download additional software. Each online slot offers a “demo” option as well, so players can try the game out before making any actual bets. The community jackpots are generous as well, offering the following lucrative opportunities:

Platinum – $10,000
Gold – $5,000
Silver – $1,000
Red – $500

Here are some details on just a few of the online slots Virgin Casino offers which exemplify their mission of fun and versatility:


Launched in 2012, this slot is based around the wildly popular film franchise and has remained a popular fixture with its user-friendly interface and use of original images from the movie along with its theme song.

The game also offers features like the “Stay Puft Bonus”, which turns symbols wild and offers the opportunity for bigger wins.

Nuts and Bolts

“Slots” and “adorable” are not two terms we often see coincide, but Nuts and Bolts manages to do just that with the two little robots it stars along with “their loyal dog Sparky”. There is also a “winning streak feature” and opportunities for seven free spins as well as multipliers.

Monopoly Plus

Forget all the blue and orange paper bills of the original board game, Monopoly Plus has converted this “family game night” staple into an opportunity for big winnings. Special features of the game include the opportunity for “turning anything from 1 to 5 reels wild”. Also, the game will keep a running memory of each user’s progress, so the more patrons play, the more opportunities for big winnings as they “level up”.

Double Diamond

The classic staple of Atlantic City’s casino game maintains its authenticity in online form. Although it may not look as fancy as its successors, Double Diamond offers ample opportunities for winnings with “…27 thrilling ways to win through various combinations of the classic sevens, bars, cherries and diamonds!”

Table Games

Every seasoned gambler can usually be found frequenting the table games at casinos. Virgin Casino offers all the major table game staples in online form along with a few modern takes on the classics. Unlike the slots, the table games offered on the site take heed that many gamers will be looking for something more authentic. Each game offers a visually realistic feel that can make the online gambling experience as memorable as a trip to Atlantic City.

The Community Jackpot for these games is the same as that listed for the Slots.


Regardless of which three versions a player decides to choose from—“Atlantic City Blackjack”, “Single Deck Blackjack”, or “Multi-Hand Blackjack”—Virgin Casino’s Blackjack offers an authentic table feel from the comfort of users’ homes. The soundtrack is that of what one would hear at any real casino with mumblings and whispers of other players. In “Atlantic City Blackjack”, players have the option of splitting any two cards of matching value up to three times, offering them as many as four chances to beat the dealer. The game also offers the opportunity for “late surrender”, where users can retrieve half their stake even after having seen their first two cards.


A staple in casinos nationwide, Virgin Casino certainly goes above and beyond in doing this classic game justice. The chic 3D graphics exuded by the game’s spinning wheel (the game also offers dual views of the wheel once a user places a bet) may be our favorite of any game on the entire site. Alongside the enthralling aesthetics, patrons have the option of choosing from the basic “Single Zero Roulette” or “Single Zero Roulette – High Stakes”. In the “High Stakes” version, players are able to bet up to $4,000 in a single spin—high stakes, indeed!

Other than that, both versions have easy-to-use navigational features and the option to play European or traditional bets.

Fortune Teller Keno

“Fortune Teller Keno” offers the same rules as regular Keno, with the fun additive of an animated fortune teller staring mystically into a crystal ball that ignites with flashing lightening bolts and sound effects upon placing a bet. The game also has a “x10,000 multiplier feature” to substantiate winnings.

Game King Poker

The name “King” is fitting in this scenario, as Game King Poker has built a legacy of being the ultimate source for video poker both in casinos and online. The online version does not deviate from the versions lining casino bars that are so frequently occupied by a plethora of gamblers. Virgin Casino offers players the versions of “Bonus Poker”, “Double Bonus Poker”, “Double Double Bonus Poker”, as well as “Jacks or Better”. Double Double Bonus Poker may be a user’s best bet (no pun intended), as the “Double-Double” feature offers the opportunity for players to pay for five bonus payouts that can maximize a bet up to 1,000.


Virgin Casino’s online version of this wildly popular table game offers the same aesthetic appeal of their Blackjack and Roulette games. For those unfamiliar with the rules of Baccarat, the online game features in-game instructions to take players step by step until they have mastered the rules and procedures.


Hi-Lo is a classic, straightforward card game that is perfect for beginners and veteran players alike. The game is a sort of “face off” between player and dealer, where the player will guess whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower than its predecessor. The aesthetic appeal of the game mirrors that of Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a marrying of traditional poker with the Chinese game of Pai Gow—players use playing cards bearing poker hand values as opposed to Pai Gow’s Chinese dominoes. In Virgin Casino’s online version, patrons have the opportunity to place a side bet that could win up to $50,000. Users are also advised to “watch out for the joker”, as this card can be as an extra Ace to complete a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush or Royal Flush.


After thoroughly researching this online casino and navigating through its online interface, we can only deduce that—as far as online gambling goes—Virgin Casino can be marked as any individual’s top choice. The site has an aesthetically appealing layout, is user friendly, and can be enjoyed with equal vigor by those that are only starting out in the world of gambling to those with a veteran gaming status so revered, they could qualify for national championships.

Moreover, Virgin Casino practices a conscientiousness and compassion toward their community of players that ensures users feel secure and protected in their gaming endeavors.

The value of community exceeds beyond the company’s website, as Virgin Casino is active on various social media outlets. Patrons (or even those just interested in learning more) can connect with Virgin Casino and its community of patrons on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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